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Packing Up the Holidays

As the holidays come to a close, so begins the process of packing up. There can be so many seasonal decorations that it will seem overwhelming but if you chunk it out into smaller parts, it will take no time at all. With the proper procedure, your house can be cleared in no time!

Remove the tree from the house.
Take the ornaments and lights and it is time to carry the tree out. Consider your local county waste management departments for specific guidelines if you do not know yours already. There may even be free drop-off locations with your local recycling center. Afterward, use a broom to dispose of the fallen pine needles. Use a broom and not a vacuum because the needles can clog and damage the vacuum cleaner.

Clear the outside and inside of your home.
Deflate any blow-up displays and wash each with a hose. Take each string of lights down and roll up smartly. Any large wreaths should be stored carefully to prevent them from crushing. These should be stored in separate boxes than inside decorations. Inside, you will need to strip the walls of every sting of garland, lights, and all other holiday paraphernalia. Inspect all items for cleanliness and availability for reuse next year before boxing. When all items are ready to be organized, it is best to box by the room for an easy unpacking process.

Store these boxes appropriately.
After each box has been filled and labeled, draw a storage plan. If ‘your storage space is being shared with Halloween decorations, Thanksgiving decorations, and December holiday decorations, it can get pretty cluttered if you are not careful. Since Halloween will be coming before the other holidays, it would be best to place these decorations at the forefront of your storage space. These December holiday decorations can go back because they will not be needed for about a year. Drawing up a plan before your store could help provide a walking path and some direction to the items you will want to reach. Items sensitive to heat and humidity must be stored in a climate-controlled area to preserve their condition. Right Fit Storage offers units with FREE heating and cooling for our storage customers. We have many convenient locations in the Hampton Roads and Richmond, Virginia, areas. Check to see which location is nearest you!

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