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How To Move in the Winter

Moving in the winter can be a breeze if you know how to do it right. Snowy paths, freezing temperatures, and icy paths are no problem with proper preparation.

Check the weather

Keep yourself up-to-date on the weather every week leading up to the move and then every day the week of. Watch for any big storms or blizzard heading your way. It is better to delay your move-in day than to be caught in a storm.

Make sure you can turn the utilities on in the new house

After moving everything into your new home, you will be freezing. Make sure you have heat and running water the day you are moving in to be comfortable once you are done.

Create pathways on the sidewalks and driveways

Ice and snow on the ground can cause the biggest injury on moving day. Avoid slips and falls by clearing paths with salt, shovels, and snow blows.

Protect your floors

Use cheap plastic tarps to cover every carpet, hardwood, and other floorings of your home. Floor mats at every entrance to the house will also help keep the outside elements outside. This will help with cleanup and also protect your floors from any scrapes.

Cut the heat

When moving in and out of a home in the winter, any hot air will escape outside through open doors. Save big on your electric bill and keep the heat off. Use a space heater to heat a space, like a bathroom, for anyone who needs a break from the cold.

Keep a separate box of winter essentials in your car

Set aside warm items like blankets, gloves, and hats to keep yourself comfortable throughout the move. Keep another box with tools like an ice scraper, extra battery chargers, and any other essentials to make this trip easier on you.

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