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Garage Storage Safety Mistakes To Avoid

Our homes have many spaces that end up serving as a makeshift storage unit, and our garages are no exception. While garages can hold a lot, they also can contain many dangers if you are not storing your belongings safely. Here are some of the best tips to keep your garage storage safe.

Avoid storing anything on stairways.

Using stairs to store your items is a major tripping hazard. Provide a clear, unobstructed walking path by keeping your items along the walls and off the sides of the garage.

Get your items off the ground.

Items stored on the ground can get ruined with flash floods and leaky AC units. This moisture can bring warp your box shape and create mold build-up. Shelves and other hanging fixtures can prevent these problems.

Properly secure each hanging unit.

Make sure every hanging unit is properly secured. Shelves should be safe if all of the manufacturers’ installation directions are followed. Also, hanging bikes from the ceiling can be a great option to increase your garage storage space and can be a very safe option if you do so properly. Taking the extra time to make sure all directions are being followed can help to avoid injury to you and others.

Keep stacks small.

If a stack is too tall, it can fall and hurt you when you try to reach overhead for it. Smaller stacks are more functional and keep everyone safe.

Use plastic containers.

Garages are very susceptible to standing liquids, changing humidities, and creepy-crawlies. To defend against these, you have to choose the right box. For example, cardboard boxes are easily warped by liquid and moisture, which creates a soft barrier that can allow bugs in. A plastic box is a better defense as they do not change their structure with seasonal changes.

Keep temperature-sensitive items out of the garage.

Climates that change in temperature and humidity throughout the year pose a threat to items that are sensitive to these changes. These items are best stored with controlled-climate capabilities to protect them. Right Fit Storage offers these capabilities at NO EXTRA COST to you! Give us a call to learn more about how we can help you at 1-833-891-9274.

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