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Most Haunted Places in Greensboro

Did you know the Triad is one of North Carolina’s most haunted regions? Let’s take a deeper look at the most haunted places around Greensboro, North Carolina!

Dana Auditorium

The Dana Auditorium sits at Guilford College. The 1961 campus was built on top of the battle site of the Revolutionary War’s Battle of Guilford Courthouse. The area the auditorium sits on was used as a field hospital. Many have claimed to hear the cries of fallen soldiers in this auditorium. Two other spirits haunt this ground. Some have seen a little girl sitting in the Choir Room while others see a man in a brown suit roaming the halls.

The Biltmore Hotel

If you have ever stayed at the Biltmore Hotel, you have probably heard of the legends. The Biltmore Hotel has at least two resident spirits; Philip and Lydia. The Cone Brothers built the hotel in the early 1900s. The building served as their office and that of Philip, their accountant. Philip died mysteriously in the alley next to the hotel. Some have speculated he was killed after finding financial discrepancies with the hotel. Ever since, guests have reported noises like heavy footsteps, paper shuffling, and loud conversations from room 332, Philip’s former room. The other ghost, Lydia, was a lady of the night in the hotel’s boarding house days. She was found to be thrown down the stairs by a client. Many hotel guests have seen her lingering around her old room, room 223, painted pink in her memory.

Lydia’s Bridge

Though technically not in Greensboro, Lydia’s Bridge is infamous to Greensborians. Sitting between Greensboro and High Point is the bridge. Those driving on I-70 have seen a young woman in a white dress flagging down drivers. If anyone does choose to stop for her, she will get in the backseat and seem distracted as she asks you to stop at a house not far from there. Most times, she will seemingly disappear into thin air along the way, but she will sit in the car on her longest visits until you arrive at the house. Curious drivers who are confused will ring the doorbell, at which point, the woman who answers the door informs that woman is her daughter and that she died years ago in the early 1900s. This phantom hitchhiker is the same Lydia, who crashed on a bridge after coming home from a dance. Unfortunately, her date died on impact, leaving Lydia alone on this road and desperately in need of help. It is said that this is why Lydia can still be seen waving people down on the road in search of help. Even though the bridge is no longer in use, nearby visitors still stop by searching for Lydia!

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