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Bust the Bus With Backpack Beginnings!

Since 2010, BackPack Beginnings has served more than 35,000 children in the Triad area, and none of this could be achieved without help from their surrounding communities. They host several events throughout the year to gather supplies and donations, one of their most famous being the Kirkwood 5K. This event is usually a race designed to benefit Guilford County’s Backpack Beginnings, but they have become creative under this new world with COVID-19. This year, on their tenth anniversary, the Kirkwood 5K is becoming a ‘Bust the Bus’ event complete with fun and unique activities.

On Saturday, August 29, between the hours of 10 AM to 1 PM, the 2020 Kirkwood 5K will serve the community in 3 parts. There is a self-guided scavenger hunt leading up to the event. Complete this fun activity for educational lessons as well as cool prizes! There is an opportunity to donate to their organization to help fuel their efforts to fulfill their vision of keeping the children in the community healthy and well-nourished. In conjunction with the monetary drive, they are also accepting food donations to fill the size of an actual Guilford County School bus on-site! For every five cans donated on this bus, you will get a FREE Kona Ice! With these kinds of prizes and other giveaways, they are hoping that in three short hours, the entire bus will be stuffed to the brim!

Visit their website for more details and keep up with their social media to participate in their scavenger hunt!

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