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Meet Frank S., Our Location Manager at Roxboro Street, Durham!

Meet our Roxboro St., Durham facility’s location manager: Frank S.!

Frank started with Right Fit Storage in September of 2018 at our original location in Greensboro, North Carolina. He moved over to the Durham location in February of 2020 when we opened. What Frank likes most about working for Right Fit Storage is working with his team. He details that they are a joy to work with every day and make assisting friendly customers with their storage needs fun! He also adds, “Working for a company that is very successful, knowledgeable, and respectful to their employees makes my job that much more satisfying.”

The benefits that Frank says his customers love the most are our many different amenities. The free heavy-duty lock and state-of-the-art security system never fail to impress his customers. Between the controlled gate access system, individual alarms set in place, and numerous cameras around the property, his customers know they are in good hands. The free heating and cooling in these hot summer months have gotten much positive reception recently. The free move-in trucks are a fantastic way for customers to move their things into storage at no extra cost to them. Those that have had experience with self-storage before know just how valuable this is. And of course, our clean facility and top-notch customer service are regularly relayed back to Frank and his staff.

New to Durham, he says that what he likes most about the Durham area are the people. Everyone is friendly and kind. It makes working in Durham a delight!

Last but not least, Frank is a big football fan. He grew up playing football all his life, and that has turned into a try passion for the Miami Dolphins. “As a kid, I picked them as my team, and it stuck!” Well, we are glad to have you on our team, Frank!

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