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How To Move Home Workout Equipment

Over the past few months, many had started to build their home gyms when their favorite gyms closed down. As these gyms begin to open, many have to decide what to do with all of their new stuff. Whether you are transporting these items to another room or another address, it is much easier than others think with these great tips from Moving.com!

Clean Your Equipment

Your first step should be to clean all surfaces to prevent bacterial growth. Use paper towels and an all-purpose cleaner or an all-natural spray solution to clean your yoga accessories. All other surfaces need wet wipes or a solution that is 1 part water and 1 part white vinegar.

Yoga Materials and Weights

Starting with smaller items makes your move a little easier. These items can include everything like your yoga mat, yoga straps, yoga blocks, hand weights, dumbbells, and barbells. Roll your yoga mat from top to bottom and use a belt or bag to secure it. The mat won’t need a box if it is covered, but everything else will. After wrapping each weight in newspaper or bubble wrap, distribute evenly among many boxes to distribute the load. Consider using plastic as it is sturdier than cardboard.


Treadmills will be your hardest piece of equipment to move because it is the heaviest. Luckily, once the machine is unplugged, it can be folded into itself with moving blankets. Move the folded treadmill quickly with the help of some friends and a hand truck.


The elliptical looks daunting but is very easy to maneuver once you remove the pedals, handlebars, and other hardware. Eliminating these parts should make the elliptical much lighter than the treadmill and allow you to move it around by yourself.

Stationary Bikes

Stationary bikes slide across the ground quickly and safely with the help of cardboard, towels, and furniture sliders. These should be placed along the floor path of the bike to stop scrapes.


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