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March for Babies

The annual March for Dimes’ March for Babies event goes virtual this year with their new name, Step Up!. This event is held in 1,100 US communities and has raised over $2 billion since 1970 to fundraise for premature babies, birth defects, and infant mortality. Step Up! will fundraise for several resources including but not limited to; free virtual NICU support programs for families, virtual programs for moms-to-be, COVID-19 interventions and support for mothers and babies, educational programs for moms and families, and necessary supplies for expectant mothers just to name a few. President and CEO of March of Dimes, Stacey D. Stewart, says, “It is imperative that moms and babies have access to the care and resources required for a healthy start each and every day, and the need has become even more critical in our current environment.”

This event runs through May 15. They encourage you to march anywhere you can; your house, your stairs, and your neighborhood if it is safe. Register to march through their website and get started today! Steps will be tracked through your smartphones or fitness watches and totaled within the Charity Miles mobile app. The virtual celebration will be held on Facebook Live at 2 PM on May 15. If you are unable to march, visit their website to see other opportunities to support their efforts! (Possible LINK “website” to their website)

Source: WXII

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