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Organize Your Wires

Tangled wires and cords can be the most unsightly materials in your house.  They can even cause serious walking and electricity hazards if left unorganized.  Here are some simple tips to keep your wires safe and out of sight.

  1. Start with unplugged cords to make it easier to move the power strip around.
  2. Using nails or velcro strips, mount the power strip to the underside of a desk or flatly to a wall.
  3. As you plug the cables back into the power strip, wrap the excess wires that hang towards the ground with velcro straps or zip ties. You can either making loops or bunch the cord together.
  4. Use masking tape and a sharpie to create labels for each cord. This makes it easier to find each when you need to move them to a new outlet.

Check our page regularly for some more tips!

Source: How To Geek

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