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Organize Your Closet Linens

Kick start your spring cleaning and organizing with these easy HGTV tips to keep the contents of your linen closet organized and neatly displayed!


It is best to fold your towels into thirds lengthwise and then into a rectangle.  Place in the closet so that the edges face toward the back of the closet for a more polished appearance.  If closet space is an issue, roll your towels to save on space.

Bed Sheets

Grouping your bed sheets by size will save you hassle in the end.  In fact, if you are getting new bedding for your rooms, try assigning only 1 color to each room.  This way you will know exactly what sheets are what sizes.  If you have multiple sets of the same sheets, these can be stored inside a pillowcase from the matching set.

Dining and Antique Linens

These linens are more delicate than the other materials in the closet. They should avoid being folded and stacked to preserve the shape and hold of the fabric. Hang these materials on a non-wire hanger. If you must, you can fold these flatly and stack them on a shelf lined with an acid-free tissue paper. Baskets will work well too, but make sure they are lined as well to avoid any snags. Your dinner napkins and table runners can be grouped together but f these are not used that often, it might be best to keep them on the hard-to-reach perimeter of the closet or in extra dining room storage space.

Follow these rules to keep your home neat and tidy all year!

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