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Mental Health Greensboro Offers Facebook Services to Everyone

As we head deeper into a quarantine, there will be higher rates of depression among other kinds of mental illnesses. Mental Health Greensboro wants to reach those negatively affected by this new way of life. The Executive Director of Mental Health Greensboro told WXII 12 that they will be relying on telemedicine methods to serve their members. Telemedicine has grown tremendously in the field of psychology in recent weeks and many are finding great success with it. Talking over the phone with counselors has been effective in their practice and they want to grow with this movement. Mental Health Greensboro established Facebook support groups this week that are open to the public for these topics. It is essential to have this social outlet to talk about these concerns in light of isolation. If you or anyone you know is struggling, we suggest you reach out to Mental Health Greensboro’s services.

Source: WXII 12

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