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Attic Organization Tips

As most of us venture into our cramped attics to put up the last of our holiday decorations, we may realize it is just that; cramped. As daunting as it may seem to shuffle your items around in this small space, it really is not too bad! With the right planning, reorganizing your attic can really be a breeze. How Stuff Works has the top advice in the industry!

Catalog your Attic’s Inventory
Go through your attic to first find out what you have. Markdown each item and how much of each item you have stored. In addition, go through your boxes one at a time and note if the contents match the label.

Declutter your Items
Once you have all of your belongings listed, sort into these 3 groups: always used, used on special occasions and rarely used. Can any of these items be donated? Should any be thrown out? It may be hard to part with some holiday decorations but it will free up space in your attic and make that space functional and manageable.

Group your Items
Once you have everything you do not want to keep out from the attic, you can start organizing! Look at your original list for natural categories that form like family keepsakes, holiday decorations, out-of-season clothes, etc. Organize each item into a common group to plan for spacing.

Store with a Purpose
Store everything with a purpose. Think about how often you will be using each group. The more heavily-used groups need to be accessible to you and should be placed in the front of the attic for easy access. Any groups that have a lot of items that fell into the “rarely used” category should be kept towards the back.

Label any Boxes
If any loose items need to be boxed, make sure to use plastic boxes to keep out pests. Label each box with the relating category. Consider even color-coding boxes to make it easy to spot a category. All of this makes it convenient the next time you need to retrieve an item.

After this, make sure to keep up with this system as you add new things to your collection. If there are some things that just don’t fit in a category or you just can’t bear to part with, consider self-storage! Make a reservation with us today!

Source: How Stuff Works