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Take the Gloom out of Your Move!

Moving in the rain is not much fun. Damaged property and unsafe moving conditions can occur if the proper precautions are not taken. When moving in the rain is unavoidable, especially during the Mid-Atlantic hurricane season, it is important to make sure every step is taken to ensure the safety of all involved. Right Fit Storage has the following helpful tips.

Waterproof your things!

When moving in the rain, our biggest concern tends to be about protecting our things from water damage. This includes shrink wrapping all furniture and wrapping boxes in garbage bags. It would also be a good idea to leave out some towels to wipe any excess water from the boxes after they are loaded in the moving truck.

Keep distances short!

The distance between the truck and the unloaded boxes should be as short as possible. Move every box to the room closest to the exit and keep the moving truck closest to that exit as well. This works for unloading too; get the back of the moving truck as close to the entry of the self-storage facility as possible. This reduces the risk of items getting drenched. Right Fit Storage offers covered entrances for their loading/unloading bays.

Secure your walkways!

Walking with wet shoes can be a huge hazard for those carrying heavy objects, both outside and inside the house. Cover the outside pathway between the truck and the loading/unloading zones with cardboard for more sturdy walking grounds. Additionally, cover the outside path with a tarp so it is easier and dryer to walk through. Line the floors inside the house with old rugs and carpets to get more traction when walking with wet, muddy shoes. Creating the most traction along the pathways is key to keeping everyone safe from slips.

If you absolutely must move your things in the rain, remember to make your trips as short and dry as possible. Stay vigilant and drive carefully. Protect your belongings and your walkways so you will be able to have a successful move! Right Fit Storage has supplies you might need like cardboard boxes for half price! Please call us if you need any extra, affordable supplies to help on moving day! 1-833-891-9274.

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