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Rug and Carpet Storage Tips

Rugs and carpets signal the entryway into any room. They can draw an entire room together and make it look bigger and brighter. Even with all this aside, the cost alone of some of them makes these the prized possessions. Here are some great tips from rug and carpet experts on how to keep yours in the best shape of their life as you put them into storage:

Clean your rug

The most important step to keeping your things protected in storage is keeping them clean. Rugs and carpets sit in any room and collect a considerable amount of dander, crumbs, dirt, and dust among other debris. Clean your rug thoroughly so that none of these turn into a hard-set stain. Every rug is different so read the cleaning instructions on their tags to make sure the fabrics will remain in good shape.

Roll your rug

The best way to store your carpet or rug is the roll it. It is efficient, it saves space and most notably it holds the original shape best. Rolling your rug is very easy and fast to do because that is how they were built to be transported. It also ensures the space it takes up is compact and easy to carry while maintaining a flat shape when unrolled. Other methods, such as folding, are harder to do, take up more space and create creases when there are unfolded. Roll tightly to ensure the rug’s integrity and make your storage experience easier. Securing the roll with a rope keeps the roll tight as it is moved around.

Wrap your rug

After everything is rolled and secured, the rug needs to be protected from pests, dirt, and dust. Wrap your carpet or rug with any breathable fabric so the fibers can expand and contract comfortably with any changes in temperature. This means the fabric must let air flow through so anything other than plastic will do fine. Brown craft paper, canvas bags and rug storage bags are the most commonly used materials for rug and carpet storage.

Store your rug

Keep the rug or carpet out of direct sunlight to protect the coloring and feel of the fabric. It is a good idea to store the rug vertically so that the rolls do not flatten over time. Place it on furniture or boxes and make sure there is nothing on the rug or carpet itself. This diminishes any chance of creases appearing at the end of your storage.

Check your rug

Every few months, the rug or carpet should be checked for signs of damage. Unroll the rug and look for any distressed or discolored fibers in the fabric. It is better to know when damage is starting and not when the damage has already been done. Inspecting your rug or carpet, along with your other items in storage, ensures there will not be any surprises when they come back into the house.

Source: Ezstorage

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